How old was Matt when he got started in the world of rodeo?

Matty was seven when he started and was inspired by his mate Jake Kay who is he is still close mates with today.

What motivation do you have to keep him in the sport?

When I was a child I was never given the opportunity to follow my dreams. To see Matty doing what he loves and what he is good at is the best feeling in the world.

Did you come from a Rodeo background?

I used to muck around with a bit of can chasing, (Barrel racing) I have won titles in steer undecorating and tried my hand at steer riding once but I get more out of watching my boy now.

What kind of dedication does it take to be a Rodeo Mum?

Dedication is travelling to Roma which is 4 hours away on a Sunday afternoon for a 6:00 pm Rodeo, returning home at 2:00 am and then be up ready for work by 5:00 am. We travel all over Queensland and down south a bit. $400.00 a weekend would be average for fuel food and accommodation when we need it. So yeah it takes a lot of commitment but I enjoy the lifestyle and not many Mums get to spend that kind of time with their 15-year-old son.

How far would you like to see Matty go in the sport?

I think every Mum would like to see them compete for the PBR series in the States, and I will do everything within my power to support and help him make that happen.

Why do you believe this is such a good sport for young Ladies and young Men?

The boys are all like a little family, they encourage and help each other in and out of  Rodeo. The people that surround these kids are such great people and the boys learn respect from them. I get to meet great people and it keeps them off the streets.

What are Matty’s achievements so far?

He was junior steer champion in 2015, 2015 junior bareback champion and runner-up junior bareback champion 2016.Matty recently competed in the Western Series Rodeo finals in Dalby QLD and is also in the top 12 qualifiers, competing for the National Rodeo Association Australian under 18 championship. He is an apprentice tiler, works hard at it and is doing very well. I want to make sure he gets his trade under his belt before he becomes a World Champion! He’s a very well rounded boy and I love him dearly.

Megan is currently in the commercial cleaning Industry and loves her country music, fishing, camping, rodeos and helping her boy become the best man he can be.

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